Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day for the childless adults.

This Blog isn’t the Blog I had planned. It’s far from it. I wanted something more positive and so, instead, it is a general statement from the friend that doesn’t have children.

I am so often asked a question.

“Do you have children?”

No, I don’t have children. For many reasons, I don’t have children. Why is this one of the first questions people ask? We aren’t all here to produce offspiring, whatever the reason for that might be.

Anyway, it made me think. It made me think about all the friends that parents around the world have, that don’t have children of their own. The childless friends, for whatever reason, are a pretty amazing tribe of humans.

Let me tell you why…..

They give a genuine *poo* about your kids.

They came to your children’s parties when you invited them. Not because they had a child of their own that dragged them there but because they actually wanted to come.

They laugh at the stories you tell about your children, not to amuse you or because they can relate to those stories but because they are actually interested.

They came to play pits and froze their arses off in the freezing adult area because they wanted to watch your child grow, develop and learn. They came to the child friendly restaurants and ate curly fries whilst your children played on their phone, knocked over their drink or ate so much ice cream at the ice cream station that they puked on their expensive shoes. They did this instead of being at all the cool places with the cool people that invited them out. Why would they want to be at those places when they love your kids and they love you?!

If they chose not to have kids, admire them for that. Some of them desperately wanted kids and instead of being jealous or bitter towards you for having all of yours, they relished in yours, they love them with every bone in their bodies and with all of their soul.

I am pretty sure you find it hard to remember a time before you had kids. Would you have been gracious and cool enough to sacrifice one of your Saturday nights then, to sit on the floor at a friend’s house with their kids and play Frustration or watch The Grinch for the 589th time? We are the tribe that are willing to do all this for your children because they matter to us. They make a difference to our lives in so many ways and we love it!

In this, we don’t want you to thank us at all, that’s not what this is about.

We want to thank you…..

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing your children, not because you feel sorry for us, but because you know we care and that we will make a difference in their lives and because you know we will enrich their lives. To share a child like that is a pretty amazing thing for a parent to be able to do. Thank you! Thanks for letting us be part of their lives. We love being with you, we love being with them. Even with the puke, with the bugs and with the nits. We wouldn’t change that for the world because they are a massive part of ours and have given us some of the best memories we have!

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