A cut above the rest 

As I relax into the comfiest leather seat and I’m offered a divine selection of sandwiches, treats, goodies and alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages, you’d be forgiven for thinking I was in a plush restaurant or wine bar. The fact is however, that I’m in the most fabulous hairdressing salon I have ever had the pleasure of visiting.

I first came to Jo Ferns Lydgate 2 and a half years ago after moving back from Lytham. For 6 months I had travelled backwards and forwards to my old hairdressers because I quite simply couldn’t face the thought of anyone new “getting used to my hair” or messing with my much loved locks.

This backwards and forwards journey would take a day out of life and it was becoming harder and harder to fit it into life. I had to face the reality of needing to find a local hairdresser. I visited a couple that I’d liked the look of. On One of these had a very uncomfortable atmosphere and the other completely messed up my hair colour after not listening at all to what I was aiming for. At a low ebb I was losing hope of finding what I wanted from a hair salon in such a small area. I contemplated heading to Manchester, the most local City to our cluster of tiny villages. This though didn’t fill me with joy either, purely because the thought of Manchester prices filled me with horror.

Then, a chance meeting in a local pub in Lydgate with work, allowed me to stumble across Jo Ferns Lydgate. What a gem!! A stylish, modern, clean looking salon that looked perfect and just what I was looking for. I took the number and rang to make my first appointment. I have never looked back and I have certainly never considered going anywhere else ever since.

When I first walked into this stunning salon, I was met with glorious interior styling, a friendly and polite receptionist that immediately asked if I’d like a drink. I sat in the waiting area which was a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with up to date magazines and a selection of mini cakes and Prosecco.

My stylist Rachael was friendly, helpful and understanding. She understood my apprehension of being somewhere new straight away and listened to everything I had to say. The importance of this at the time was vital to me. I didn’t want to feel pushed into anything I didn’t want and also needed time to build up a professional relationship with my new stylist. This has not once, in all my appointments changed. Rachael, nor any other member of staff have ever asked me either “Are you going on holiday this year?”

Two and a half years later and standards have never once dropped. In fact I think, if possible, it’s got better. Nicola Gerrard MUA has also started working from the salon which has added an impeccable beauty service alongside the 5 star hair salon which is wonderful as it now means that I can get everything done in one place. In fact, standards have raised so much that Jo Ferns Salon has rightly won “Outstanding 5 stars” in The Good Salon Guide.

Having time out whilst running a business has sometimes been hard to juggle but I can always get an appointment here around everything else I have needed to do. This “me time” is a vital part of life and I can be sure that every time I visit this fabulous hairdressers that I will get the VIP experience just like every other client of Jo Ferns Lydgate.

Thank you Jo Ferns Lydgate for your faultless and professional service. You make me feel a million dollars every single time I leave, no matter how I felt when I walked in. I honestly believe if I’d been to ten or more other salons before finding you, I would never once have been offered the impeccable package and service you offer!

One thought on “A cut above the rest 

  1. Ok my goodness me lady K . That means so much to me.
    Thank you for actually putting pen to paper (sort of) and offering such a fantastic testimonial about the team.
    Our days are always brighter when you walk into the salon!
    We love you loads xxxx


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