For the Wild Child 

For the strong and passionate women that still have enough fire in them to care.

This one is for you.

For the dream seekers and the rebels, the ones who not only don’t fit into the mold—they well and truly break it.

This is for the women that have a “Wild Child” in their soul.

We are passionate about ourselves, our lives and those that matter most to us but mostly we are passionate about making a difference in this one amazing life.

We know that we weren’t born to play life small, and while life has tried to knock us down and sometimes even shatter us at times, we stand right back up and ask,

“Is that all you’ve got?”

This is for the women that are unapologetically themselves.

For women that are willing to risk it all and to go after what they love.

This is for the women who stay up late chasing dreams, and are up early with the sun making them a reality.

This is for those women with hungry hearts and wild hair. The women who march to the beat of the throb in their veins.

This one is for you, for me, and for all the women who often wonder if they are alone in their individuality.

You are not.

And although we are as unique as they come, we all are linked because of the desire to break free from the expectation that we need to be women on our best behaviour in order to be loved.

We can’t follow the rules for the life of us. When given the choice, we always choose the most difficult road, because that is where we often learn the most. We are natures wild children.

This is for the women who take care of themselves. We are masters at keeping it together, even when it seems we can’t take one more step.

This is for the women who aren’t afraid to tuck themselves into bed each night. It’s not because we don’t want a lover with us, but because we know that, unless it’s genuine, solitude is so much sweeter than putting on an act.

This is for the women who just will not conform no matter how many times people shake their heads at us.
These are the women who drink moonshine underneath the stars with their bare feet and their eyes wild dreaming of their next adventure.

The women who prefer to be untamed. We don’t care about letting our “crazy” show because we know it’s just as seductive as the pull of our eyes.

This is for all the women who’ve had people ask why we can’t just be like everyone else. Why can’t we stay in unhappy relationships? Why can’t we just stay with the secure job? Why can’t we just suck it up because we are adults? That is what adults are supposed to do.

But we were born differently. Where others see stability, we see stifling.

We don’t know how to give up on the desires of our hearts.

And while we may seem to wander aimlessly at times, it’s all part of our un-plan. Because some are just born to be the movers and shakers in this life to rattle and shake things up a bit.

And while we may drive you crazy at times, and scare the shit out of you at others, life would be boring without us.

For we are the wild ones—the ones who make life worth living.

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