New Year

I am very much a New Year grump I am afraid. That time of year when we all reminisce about what has gone and what the New Year may hold. Some will say it’s been “fabulous” or “the best yet” whilst for others it will have been their worst for whatever reason. So many times I have heard “F%k off 2017” because of the wonderful people in your opinion “it” “the year” “2017” has taken. Has “it” taken them or has life? A year cannot be blamed for life’s natural ending. It’s what happens. The euphoric times arrive. The good times come. The terrible times sail on in and eventually out. The inevitable comes. But life is a gift and no matter how you see it, as time goes by with the testing times, the opportunities and challenges we are thrown, they result in us being people with a great past.

The fact is, it is not a year that brings good and bad but rather life itself. Time cannot be blamed for life’s roller coaster. When at this time of year we make wishes for a better year ahead, it either pushes us to make those wishes come true or sets us up for failure when they’re unrealistic and cannot be achieved.

As the clock strikes midnight, another tick of the clock just like all the other ordinary midnights throughout the year that have gone by that we take no notice of, instead of being glad or sad to be saying goodbye to 2017, rather be grateful that you’re seeing in another minute, another hour. Be glad for the challenges you will have ahead because those challenges are no greater than the ones behind you.

Have dreams for all is to come in the blessed minutes we are given, the happy weeks we have and the memories you are going to be able to make in the time that you have here.

We will be what we wish to be, if we make the necessary effort. There is much to be thankful for in my opinion. The good and the bad that the past, not just 2017 has brought. We blossom and we learn from each and every thing we are given. Take it, learn from it and live with it, let it all make you a better person.

I won’t be making sure the New Year leaves because it is not an end or a beginning. It is a continuation of life or as many view it a new volume in life’s novel. (We will go out and get very merry and have a jolly good time, but not necessarily because it’s New Year’s Eve, just to enjoy the company of good friends)

Surely this day brings opportunities our way but many of us go about using this in the wrong way. We recall our past, our failures, our losses and I do not say to forget the past dear friends. Never forget it, because it shapes your future. It can help you in so many ways. I mean to keep on trying. I mean, to seek potential. Instead of recalling the year of 2017, the great losses, the tragic events…..I want you instead to think about your achievements, your goals, your future plans.

I do not make New Year’s resolutions, nor do I ask anyone to. Once you make a “to do” list, you either misplace it, forget all about it or even procrastinate it. That is wrong.

Instead, why can’t we just wake up every day and take the new day to be a new opportunity? A new chance to discover, learn and make new mistakes? Why can’t we set goals just for that day? That is much less work than planning the whole week ahead.

Why do we stick to our past year’s failures and losses and stay in the darkness year after year? Live for today. Each day at a time. It is today that will form tomorrow and tomorrow which will form the future.

Just start instead of thinking it’s too late or thinking about when to begin? This is the way to start the New Year my dear friends.

Whatever you do, whatever decide, I wish you every happiness for every single day you are given, but most of all for today.

There are not 365 days of opportunity ahead. There are as many as life gives you. Take each one, one day at a time and the world will be you oyster.

“Whatever you do or dream you can do – begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it” Johann Wolfgang Von Goeth, writer and statesman

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